[BUG] Need of routinely refresh Credential Auth with BigQuery

I have an HTTP request brick in which I recuperate (GET method) a table from BigQuery. For practical reasons, we did not use the brick dedicated to BigQuery because we only wanted to upload certain data from the table (those from the day before) and with the HTTP request, it is quite feasible (with a WHERE condition embedded on it). So far everything works flawlessly but unfortunately, every time I reconnect to n8n, I have to reconnect / refresh the “Credential for OAuth2 API” (no changes to make) of this brick. Is there a way to fix this problem? (we looked, it seems to be the correct auth method). This brick is part of a workflow that we would like to run at night once a day automatically, which may become complicated in the near future if we decide to use that brick. Is this a bug or do I do something wrong ?

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Hey @Audrey_Terrien,

What do you have the Auth URI Query Parameters set to? Googles services like to have access_type=offline set.

Thanks @Jon ! It works so far. Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Good morning, everyone,
I am trying to use the same node as @Audrey_Terrien but without success, I have exactly the same problem, I have to reconnect every few hours.

I have tried everything, in the query parameters I have included access_type=offline what @Jon has said and it doesn’t work or trying access_type=offline&prompt=consent and it doesn’t work either.

I have also tried changing the authorization url from Anmelden – Google Konten to Anmelden – Google Konten and it didn’t work either.

Do you know if there is any solution? Thank you very much

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Hello, I just set up a workflow to see if I can replicate the issue. I will keep you posted.


Ok it works for me. The two times the workflow errored, was due to an error timeout because the Google API never responded back. I wonder if it’s something with your configuration.

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