[BUG] Not seeing complete information in expression editor

Sure thing! I’ll “unsolve” this topic for now so the notification can still be posted once the fix is out :slight_smile:

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Same error here, i also noticed that in expression fields, when this error appears, data from previous nodes isn’t getting highlighted but it’s shown as “normal text”. Adding a blank space to one of the data field in the text, temporarly fixes the issue and highlights all the data fields…but as soon as you close and reopen the node, the bug is back and some text might not be there :slight_smile:

be good to know when this is fixed, still have the issue with the latest update pulled

i have no idea how to even get at the data that i cant see, to complete this task

actually i exported all the flows from the n8n api so i might be able to see the rest of the content there…

We released 0.209.1 today, which should contain a fix for that. Can you please give it a try.

ah, im on 0.209.0 ill pull the new one now and confirm

nope same issue


Hm strange. I will report back to the developers. Thanks for testing!

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Workflow I was sent to reproduce no longer truncates expression on scroll as of 0.209.1.

If you can please provide full reproduction details in your case.

Hello, here you may find similar issue report and video - Send Email node trim HTML at around 6500+ character · Issue #4999 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub
In 0.209.1 the scrolling lag looks fixed but the content of expression field is truncated after saving.

Video: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Hello, just updated to 209.1, all my HTMLs got truncated :°) restoring them from previous executions stored in the database.
Here’s an HTML code that is giving us problems: html n8n - Pastebin.com

Yes same here, the bug still persists in 0.209.1 and content gets truncated.
The scrolling lag is better in a way that content does not dissapear anymore while scrolling, while scrolling still persists to be laggy.

The field is trucated as soon as you leave the editor and close the node, even before saving.

Fixed by @ivov here. and will likely be released later today.

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Still disappeared for me when scrolling… Along with the truncated info

Not at home at moment so can’t share examples

@RedPacketSec I assume you mean with 0.209.1 and not with the unreleased fix by @ivov ?

Yeah 0.209.1

Thanks a lot for confirming. Will release the new version soon.


Got released with [email protected]


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