Bug Report: Flaky Data


I have a workflow which requires me to reload the site every time before getting data, otherwise no data is returned. I’m using version [email protected].

Here’s what it starts as:

When I click on “Execute previous nodes” after loading for the first time, it does this:

So far, so good. But this is what happens if I click Execute Node:

If I refresh the page and rather than clicking “Execute previous nodes” I straight away click “Execute node”, it works:

The bug appears to be new as I’ve been fine up until this point, but it is seriously hindering productivity having to save then reload the page EVERY_SINGLE_TIME I need to test a node.

One clue to what’s causing the bug might be the fact that I have a couple of IF nodes. I have noticed unpredictable behaviour where the green ticks go off down the wrong route. For example, if the result is TRUE, I see the green ticks actually go down the FALSE path instead. This may be why there is no data arriving at the node I’m working on. The IF node only sends data down the right path on first-load.

Here’s the workflow:

Thanks a lot. Bugs get reported on GitHub, so please report the issue there.
That makes sure that there is just a single location for everything and things get so not reported multiple times. Thanks!

I’m a bit out of my depth on GitHub but have tried my best: Flaky Flows · Issue #7509 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub

However after posting the bug report I received an email saying this (which makes no sense to me):

Hey @James_Pardoe,

That issue template workflow will be removed this week so shouldn’t be an issue for too much longer, It was nothing to really worry about it just checks to see if the submitted issue matches the template but I am going to change it to use GitHub issue forms instead.

Ah okay, thanks for the update!

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