[Bug] Workflows running with outdated settings

Hi, I am experiencing an issue with the cron trigger and somehow related with the scheduler.

I noticed that when I save the workflow the cron trigger not always run with the newly saved settings.

By settings I mean the configurations of the blocks.

I found my workflow running with data in the blocks that were there before saving. I manage to get around the problem by restarting the container, which in turn I believe starts the scheduler with the new settings.

I wanted to provide more clear information like logs and execution history but I’m not sure where to find those.

Please let me know what more information I can provide to help with this and I will gladly provide it.


I’m running in k8s with n8nio/n8n:latest and version: 0.45.0 but I noticed this weird behaviour in version 0.43.0 as well

Hm, very strange. I will go through the code which activates/deactivates a workflow to see if I can find something that could cause this issue.

Anything else you can tell me about these workflows which cause issues that could be important? Like, do they only have one Trigger-Node or multiple ones? All of the same type or different ones?

The workflow is quite big. I have 5 cron triggers. All using the “Every day” mode with a fixed hour and minute.

One time I also noticed that executions ran in strange times with old configurations in other blocks. I double checked the time zone and the cron settings in all trigger blocks. I assumed they were queued up with old settings and delayed to run in a point in time where I had already changed the settings.

Yes you are totally right. There is a huge bug with multiple Trigger-Nodes. It always activates all of them but just deactivates one. Will try to fix asap and release a new version.

Thanks a lot for informing me about that!

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Wow! I’m glad you found it! Hopefully it’s an easy fix. Thanks for quick response!

No fix itself was not bad. Had however other issues.

Anyway got released as [email protected]

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Awesome! I’ll test and get back to you soon

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Hi @jan I ran a couple of tests based on your description of the problem, with multiple triggers, and it seems to be working. Thanks a lot for the fast response!

That is great to hear!

Honestly still do not understand how I could program such s#### in the first place. Great to know that it is fixed now. Have fun with n8n!

Wow don’t be so hard on yourself! You’ve done an amazing work so far! Excited to see what’s next for n8n.

Thanks, great to hear. But that bug was just too stupid. Hope I was at least sleep-deprived when I wrote it :wink:

I also! Still very many things on the road-map. If you have problems or questions simply reach out. Always happy to help!

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