Bugs in 0.199.0

Hey guys,

any tips on how to work with the new code node? My cursor jumps back and forth. Are you writing the code somewhere else and then just copy and paste it into the node?

I have to reload the page a lot of times because the selection of multiple nodes doesn’t work anymore.


Information on your n8n setup

  • n8n version: 0.199.0

Hi @donniedarkowindsalt

welcome to the community!
Could you give a little more info on what is going wrong?
The new Code node is idd a bit different. But you are also describing something actually going wrong with the UI?

Yes, first thing I’ve noticed, is that I start writing inside the new code node and suddenly the cursor jumps to a different position. I’m not sure when exactly this happens, but I usually can’t even get the cursor back to the point where I want to write something. Will record a video next time it happens.

The second thing I’ve noticed, and also my colleague told me that, quite a few times I have to reload the page because I can’t select multiple nodes. When I try, I’m basically selecting the whole “text”.

The first one is that the curser is jumping around in the UI correct?
This happens when switching between n8n and other tabs for example.
Should not only happen with the code node, but you might only notice it there.

the selecting issue I recognize as well, but didn’t find it too bad. as a refresh is fast and easy.

How do I get the cursor to back to behaving normally after switching tabs?

switch to a different screen in the UI. so usually the settings for the node or something like that should be possible.

Will give that a try. I didn’t see the connection between switching tabs and that behavior. Thanks!

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Yeah its an annoying one. The n8n team is aware of it, so someday it should get fixed. :slight_smile: