Build Market Place For N8N

Hey n8n Team,

How about supercharging n8n’s potential? Let’s open a marketplace for custom nodes – a win-win for users and the platform. We’ll unleash creativity, expand use cases, and foster a stronger community. Exciting times ahead!

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Something of the sort does already exist, in case you missed it:

(Also see: Submit community nodes | n8n Docs )


Btw, sounds like a fun thing to start.

So, here’s the “Board for n8n custom (community) nodes” :

Will help to easily filter nodes by various criteria.

Could add more features to it later, if others like it.


I have a similar board :slight_smile:

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like minds… :slight_smile:

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I think the topic is about a market place where you can buy and sell nodes though. :slight_smile:

Ah, indeed, you might be right. Guess i skipped that part in the excitement of building another thing with n8n :smiley:


You could sell nodes now I guess so maybe a community market place isn’t a terrible idea although would it supercharge the potential more than the current open ecosystem.

I think we just need to do a better job of promoting the current community nodes.


100% right there.

The community nodes are amazing. And if we can get some kind of validation system for it so we know what is good to use that would be awesome too.

It is tricky to sell nodes now, so that is why I do not. If there was an easy way to sell nodes I would probably reserve some time to develop more nodes. So it does move some of the nodes behind a paywall but it will also increase the amount of nodes and quality of those nodes. I can of course only talk for myself here. :slight_smile:


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