Bypassing Sign In Page When Using User Management

Describe the issue/error/question

Using n8n’s User Management inside of a popup window without signing in

I would like to access existing workflows or create new workflow using a popup window on my webpage instead of launching it in a new tab.
Subsequently, it seems slightly strange to log in from the pop up window, so I added the n8n-auth JWT cookie to the headers.

Please share the workflow

— Current Setting
I have created an owner and a member using User Management.

What is the error message (if any)?

There’s no error messages.
It seems like n8n-auth isn’t the only thing being checked when it is the first time to sign in with the respective account. I realised there is also a rl_user cookie during the session, yet the method mentioned above works if I had used the browser to log in beforehand (which also doesnt add the rl_user to cookie).

Would this approach be doable ? What other checks will I need to add to make it viable?

Information on your n8n setup

  • n8n version: 0.170.0
  • Database: SQLite
  • Running n8n via: npm

Hey @cccc,

I am not sure what you mean with this one, If you are using user management there shouldn’t be a pop up for authentication so it could be that you need to disable the basic auth option if you have it set. What is more confusing is you have put down that you are running n8n desktop which I don’t think has the user management feature yet.

Are you trying to embed n8n into your website maybe, Things can get a bit different with an embed approach? If you have a video or gif showing the issue you are seeing that would be great.

Yes, it sort of is like embedding it in to the page.

I guess in essence is that I am hoping to bypass this page

In some cases, it works when I just use

And sorry I meant to write npm

Oh I see, I am not sure what the options actually are for bypassing that page but I would see it as a potential security risk. It could be that the JWT environment options are what you need to use but I have not yet seen any documentation on how that actually works.

Just chiming in here to say I’m also interested in a solution to pass authentication from the JWT token we were already using for single-user authentication (passed as a header with our proxy, as per Security - n8n Documentation).

Right now, even when passing this JWT token, we are still prompted to log in by the UI.

After successful authentication via the UI, a different JWT token is saved in the n8n-auth cookie.

Both tokens are quite different but have the same email field.

Is there a way for the UI to read the user id from the first token rather than using its own separate one?