Calendly trigger stopped Working

Hi there,

the Calendly trigger seemed to stop working about on the 15th October. It coulde be in connection with a change from v1 to v2 API in Calendly. Did anyone else experience this?

Hey @Tristan,

I will look into this now.

Hey @Tristan,

Are you using an API Key or an Access Token? I have just given it a quick test and the node appears to be working for me when using an Access Token, Are you seeing an error at all?

Hi @Jon I am using an Api Key as before. I also tried to create a personal access token but this does not change a thing. The trigger node does not fire; so there is no error at all.

Did you guys change something in the meantime? Because I am still running on 0.217.1.

Hi @Jon I do not know why but now I re-created the APIv1 key and its working again… sorry to bother you

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Hey @Tristan,

Perfect, At some point I will add OAuth as an option as well which should help.

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