Can I ask why I'm getting 3 emails on this workflow?

I am getting 3 x emails when this trigger is successful, but it used to only send 1. All I did was add a second condition to the IF and now it’s doing that.

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"accepted": [
"[email protected]"
"rejected": [
"envelopeTime": 840,
"messageTime": 1048,
"messageSize": 382,
"response": "250 Message received",
"envelope": {
"from": "[email protected]",
"to": [
"[email protected]"
"messageId": "<[email protected]>"

Thank you so much, any help is greatly appreciated.

NOTE: The test above just sent me FOUR emails.

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Hey @privateuserguy,

Do you have multiple items coming out from the second stripe node?

A screenshot of the execution log could be handy, I suspect it is either being triggered multiple times or there are multiple items.

Hi there, thank you.

I’ve never tried to copy and paste an execution log before but I found the execution list and can see them there, clicked on it and found that I am in read only view of a previous execution. Very nice indeed.

However, seeing the execution log, I CAN see multiple executions:

2022-11-18 13:39:55
ID: 5615 Email when expired Success webhook 4.163 sec

2022-11-18 13:39:55
ID: 5614 Email when expired Success webhook 4.166 sec

2022-11-18 13:39:55
ID: 5613 Email when expired Success webhook 4.172 sec

Is that what you’re referring to?

Why would it do it 3 x ?

Thanks again.

(UPDATE, I did edit this dramatically, I hope I finished the edit before you replied or even read it)

Hey @privateuserguy,

That looks like Stripe has called the webhook 3 times, I wonder if they thought it wasn’t successful the first time. Is there any logging on the Stripe side for webhook calls?

I finally found it! I had THREE of the same webhooks in Stripe, so they were all triggering at the same time. I have NO idea how that happened, but now I know it can happen I’ll keep an eye on it in the future. Thanks for your help and time.

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