Can I get some youtube channel's videos list?


I wanna do workflow what will add autoamticly videos to playlist. If X (youtuber) will upload new video add it to Y playlist. But I do not see where in YT node I can get someone videos list. I also checked playlist uploaded but it seems like I would have no permission (when paste ID come error and show me list of MY playlists)


Hey @Shirobachi!

Do you want to manually run the workflow to update the playlist?

@thiagonascimentodf has shared this wonderful resource that will be helpful: Auto-update a Webhook Subscription (PubSubHubbub + YouTube)

Did you check the Playlist Item > Get All operation?

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Yes, but it let me only use mine playlist ;/

Thanks, I think that it gonna help me, I just need to understand it <3

I found I think easier resolve of my problem,

This is RSS of YouTube’s channel’s videos:

Thanks for help anyway <3