Can I initiate a workflow by simple url visit?

I have no idea if this is a dumb question or not.

I want to initiate a workflow by visiting a URL.

My use case is as follows.

Mautic is a tool I use a lot. Often for changes to reflect one needs to clear mautic’s cache via cli.
I want to be able to clear the cache by clicking a link inside of the Mautic UI.

I want to initiate a n8n workflow by clicking the link. The workflow will use the SSH node to run the cli command to clear the cache.

Or perhaps there is another no/low code way to achieve the same?

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Hi @Robm

Using the webhook node with a GET that returns OK as soon as it is reached followed by your workflow should do the trick.
I have done this before, but then returned the result of the workflow. but should also work with a direct OK response.



Working like a charm - thanks.

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