Can I install n8n using apt-get?

I am a newbie in packet managers.

I understand I can install n8n using docker, npm, npx.
Can I install n8n using apt-get?

No that is sadly not possible and do not know what we would have to do to change that.

Are there a some tech difficulties?

Honestly no idea. But do not think they are normally npm packages. Guess it has to be something that can be executed directly which n8n can currently. not.

Hey @James-Frost,

One of my many side projects is to create either a snap or flatpak package of n8n. This would assist with the basic installation much like an apt package would.

Unfortunately, 60 hour weeks at work and a busy family (even with COVID-19 :mask:) really limits my project time… :tired_face:

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Guys, I just encountered this service

I found it because I was also looking for a apt-get way to install another nodeJS application

@jan Maybe it would be worth to check it out?


Thanks a lot. We will.