Can I put a custom id when I create a google calendar event?


I have a node mysql link to a node google calendar, when i create a google calendar event i want to customize the ID with the ID of my line Mysql but it seems like i cannot change the ID. When i try with additionnal Field → ID and i put a customize ID it don’t work

Hi there, while you can add a custom ID to your google calendar events, you need to do it in the right format, or it will not work. Here is more information on creating an event.

Here are the guidelines to create an ID, they can be found by clicking here.

When creating new single or recurring events, you can specify their IDs. Provided IDs must follow these rules:

  • characters allowed in the ID are those used in base32hex encoding, i.e. lowercase letters a-v and digits 0-9, see section 3.1.2 in RFC2938
  • the length of the ID must be between 5 and 1024 characters
  • the ID must be unique per calendar

Due to the globally distributed nature of the system, Google cannot guarantee that ID collisions will be detected at event creation time. To minimize the risk of collisions we recommend using an established UUID algorithm such as one described in RFC4122.

If you do not specify an ID, it will be automatically generated by the server.

Note that the icalUID and the id are not identical and only one of them should be supplied at event creation time. One difference in their semantics is that in recurring events, all occurrences of one event have different ids while they all share the same icalUIDs.

okay thanks you

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