Can i re-run a single node?

When working on Function node, I often need just to re-run the current node with previous input. Is it possible?
It seems, by default, the whole workflow is restarted, and it takes a while (especially hard-to-reproduce cases). Instead, it would be great just to grab the “last” input and run the Func on it.

We are working on a feature to pinning data to the workflow. So, after the first run, you will pin data you want to the node’s output. Next time you run the workflow, it will return the pinned data rather than new data.


Sounds great!
Also, it would be nice to pin node’s input, so when working on the node i can control if i want pinned or fresh input.

@yavetal regarding pinning the input of a node:

  • I have a set node whose output is routed into a Hubspot node.
  • I want to “pin” the input of the Hubspot node.
  • So I simply pin the output of the Set node.
  • Now every time I run the workflow or the Hubspot node itself, it will always use the same inputs (from the pinned Set node).

Does that sound right to you? Trying to understand if there is some additional functionality or usecase supported by pinning input data; but at the moment can’t see it.

@yavetal, which button are you using to execute? If you use the ‘execute node’ button inside the node (rather than the ‘execute workflow’ button on the canvas), n8n should only execute that node, with the existing data from previous nodes.

Yep, that’s what i’ve expected - but i noted that it took a while: i had time to close the node window and see that the whole flow starts from the very beginning.

I see that moment of “in order to run Hubspot node with the same input, i have to close it, find Set node, open it and pin the output” as lots of extra steps.

I’m already in Hubspot node (or Function node, in my case) - why cant i just pin/unpin the input in 1 click?

@yavetal to make sure we’re on same page, I recorded a quick loom video of how you could run the Hubspot node without needing to pin input data: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Let me know if for your Set/ Hubspot case you still feel like you’d need pinning. At the same time, if for you n8n does trigger the whole workflow in this case, then this might be a bug that we’d definitely want to ID and fix :slight_smile: