Can I use S3 node to search file?

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I have use MinIO as S3 service, upload and download working fine with S3 node, but I can’t find anyway to search my files, even search filename . I’m tried folder key option in the S3 node Get all Operation , but it seems cant use wildcard like * .

Hi @tight-crow-1218, I don’t think S3 supports a search like an indexed file storage would. So you’d need to list the files in your bucket (or folder) and then use the IF node to filter the results.

Hi @MutedJam, MinIO client support search, result like this

[[email protected] /]# mc find rs2416/n8n -name 'test.*'

it seems use s3.ListObjectsV2 API ?

2022-08-26T07:29:06.610 [200 OK] s3.ListObjectsV2        207.767ms    ↑ 77 B ↓ 349 KiB
2022-08-26T07:29:06.868 [200 OK] s3.ListObjectsV2        207.457ms    ↑ 77 B ↓ 123 KiB

Hi @tight-crow-1218, some S3 implementations might have additional functionality added but I am not familiar with MinIO or their CLI specifically (so I don’t know if this functionality is implemented server- or client-side).

If they have a REST API supporting the search operation, you could consider using the HTTP Request node for this.

@MutedJam , I only find SDK document on their web site, I will try nodejs module of MinIO, thanks