Can I white label the builder?

Hi, All.

I’m new to n8n and wanted to know if its possible to white label the builder for our users to use? From the documentation, it looks like I can build flows and then call those flows but our end goal is to allow the user to builder their own flows.

Also, is there a time-delay node for scheduling events?

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That depends a lot on what exactly you have planned. If your users for example have to pay, then it would not be allowed without a special license agreement with us.

Hi, @jan.

Thanks for reaching out! We wouldnt mind having a special license set up if this could
get a feature off the ground we need to release. But we’d have to be able to white label it.

Do you want to take this off the forum? [email protected]

Sure we can have a chat.

For reference for other people. Related questions can be send to [email protected].

And information about the license can be found here:

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As for the time-delay node, take a look at: