Can n8n search by date in sheet google?

Hello! I get the date value from the sheet as a number and I don’t know how to compare it. I would like to search by day, month and year values. Is there any possibility to find poems that have today’s date?

can n8n search by date in sheet google ?

Hi @Max_T, you can usually switch the Value Render Mode to Formatted Value in order to get a human-readable date:


Check this example:


Formatted Value

Once you have an easy to process date you should be able to check using the IF node whether it’s today’s date or not.

can it be done using the lookup module?

Hey @Max_T, you mean use the Merge node to match the Google Sheet row with today’s date? This should work to, provided you first define today’s date and then pass it on to the other input of your Merge node. Just make sure you have the same date format in both inputs.

Here comes the problem because I don’t know how to get the same date format.

Can you share an example of what you currently have and what you would like to have instead?

I don’t know how that was possible, but it worked fine now. Can such a data package be divided, for example, into 4? I mean, my point is that the next module won’t process more than 4 lines at a time. Then there must be a little delay and another four.