Can we have separate Webhook endpoint for staging

Am running my n8n in AWS ECS and have scaled using redis, worker and webhook env.

So i have my /webhook/* to separate target and elb am using as same also i have diff webhook url, that url has been used for both stag and prod,

inorder can we have a separate env for webhook-test url so that we can redirect my /webhook/* to different LB

Hi @Vaithiyanathan_S

n8n is already offering Test URL and Production URL out of the box. But I think there is no way to replace the /webhook-test/ (Maybe for now, I might be wrong)

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Hey @Vaithiyanathan_S, as mentioned by @mcnaveen n8n already provides a test URL for its webhooks. The difference between the prod and test URL is explained here. You can also customize these paths by adjusting the N8N_ENDPOINT_WEBHOOK_TEST and N8N_ENDPOINT_WEBHOOK environment variables.

There is however no more granular differentiation built into n8n that would redirect /webhook/foo to another load balancer as /webhook/bar (which seems to be what you have in mind). You could possibly configure this on a reverse proxy level, but I would not know how exactly set this up in AWS I am afraid.