Cannot install private node in locally run n8n instance

Hey folks,

is this documentation page actually uptodate?
I’m trying to install private node into self-hosted n8n instance (actually I’m not running it with docker, but rather using n8n start command).
So I’m installing private node into ~/.n8n/custom , like stated in documentation:

cd ~/.n8n
mkdir custom && cd custom
npm install n8n-nodes-my-supercool-node
n8n start

When I open my localhost:5678 n8n instance, I cannot see n8n-nodes-my-supercool-node neither in “Community Nodes” section, nor can I find it in “Add Node” dialog when working on Workflow canvas.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this documentation page outdated?

Hey @telegram-copilot,

Installing the node using that method won’t add it to the community nodes section but it should in theory be in the node list.

Rather than the custom directory try ~/.n8n/nodes and see if that works, it is the same path we use to store community nodes and the one we recommend when testing custom nodes. It sounds like maybe the custom folder isn’t a default path anymore or something went wrong when installing the node.

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