Can't Access Custom Fields in Salesforce Via API (Custom App)

I created a new app in Salesforce, and connected it to n8n using OAuth. The app works fine, but fails to retrieve the custom fields I created under standard objects (Accounts and Contacts).

I figure it must be a permission issue but am not sure where to look anymore.


Hi @alazanski, I just gave this a go on my end but could access a newly created custom field just fine:

Does the Salesforce user you have authenticated with n8n have permission to see the field? This could be configured in the object manager when I tested this:

Hi @MutedJam ,

Yes, I’ve authenticated using my user account (System Administrator.) I’ve also added the System Administrator profile to the custom app.

Should I create a separate user for this or try authenticating using a different user?

@MutedJam I figured out what I was doing wrong; I was looking for my custom fields directly within the Additional Fields dropdown instead of first (Step 1) selecting Custom Fields from the Additional Fields dropdown, then (Step 2) finding my custom fields.

Step 1:


Step 2:


It’s not that intuitive, I think. One would expect to have all fields listed in one dropdown. It might make sense to make a mention of it in the documentation should anyone else be using custom fields.

Regardless, thank you for your help, Tom! :grin:

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Excellent, glad to hear you sorted this out and thanks so much for confirming! @deborah takes care of our documentation so I’ll make sure to pass on your feedback here.

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