Can't Access Executions History


Not sure exactly when this started but I am unable to view any execution history for my workflows. Either via the individual workflow executions link or executions link from the left side bar - it’s just blank - but we’ve been running workflows for months so it should be showing lots of entries:

I’ve tried updating to the latest release (Version 0.219.1) but no change,.
We run n8n hosted on digital ocean / docker droplet.

Any help appreciated.

Quick update on this. looks like there’s something hammering the DO resources causing the application to run extremely slow. I’ve reverted to an earlier snapshot but to no avail.

After testing, it seems that when I select “Executions” either from the individual workflow list or the main list of executions in the left panel the server disk read activity increases and is sustained which causes the application to become extremely slow/not responsive. Not sure if you can help identify why it’s just started doing this though?

Hey @mbuk,

Which database are you using? If it is the default sqlite one how large is it?

Hi jon
Yeah standard install as per Digital Ocean - n8n Documentation
Looks like we needed to prune executions time and volume.
Ideally though we don’t want to have to do this. I’ve contacted the enterprise team…

Hey @mbuk,

That will do it, So it might be worth moving to a different database which wouldn’t have that same impact on the disk (assuming a different service).

Yeah and the ability to have Db access would also be good

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@Jon I’m just testing a new install. It looks like I can define to use mysql in the .env file which I’ve done. Do I also need to add something into docker-compose.yml file in order to utilise the mysql database defined in the .env file? Looks like the application is still using sqlite

Hey @mbuk,

You would need to set the environment options we require for the database, You can find them in our docs here: Supported databases and settings - n8n Documentation

@Jon added to .env
I’m now getting ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS when trying to access the subdomain that n8n resides on.
We use cloudflare. Proxy is disabled. Any ideas?

edit: now getting a 502 error.

Hey @mbuk,

Without seeing your full config it is hard to say.

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