Can't add my credit card

Hello! When I try to sign up, I an being told that my bank doesn’t accept the payment of 0.95 dollars. Do you have an issue? I can use the card on every othersite.

Hey @Christian_Johnsen,

Welcome to the community :tada:

It sounds like the issue is between Paddle (the payment platform we use) and your bank. Have you tried raising a query with Paddle? Their support site can be found here:

Hey @Jon !

Thanks for the reply.

I guess I made it work now - at least I’ve received a message from my bank saying that they’ve reserved 0.95 euro from you. However when I sign in I just gets to the /register again.

The e-mail I sign in with is redacted.

Hey @Christian_Johnsen,

Can you drop an email in and we can look into it more from there.