Can't download dynamically generated url?

hey. I have an issue, am totally lost. I have an http get node that downloads a file from somewhere.
and everytime I trigger it, it gets stuck infinitely.
The http address looks like this:{{ $('Edit Fields').item.json.fileName }}
If I just take the generated url shown in the preview and paste it into a new http node it works flawlessly. the hell?

PS: n8n version is 1.14.0

Not sure if it will help, but maybe try to url encode the expression.

Hey @inop,

Are you able to share an example url? I have a few workflows that use expressions to call API endpoints and those appear to work ok so it could be an encoding issue with a character that can’t be seen in the preview, Maybe as a test try posting the URL to something like to make sure it is correct there as well.

heyy so I somehow got it working. I can’t tell you exactly how to be honest, I did a bunch of stuff and something fixed it.

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