Cant get complete html from HTTP request

Hi guys! Im tryng to extract some informations from a site using the HTTP request node, and the request returns successfully, but when i try to search for the div that i want i cant find it… Looking for the div name in the response, i notice that the div cames “closed”… Can somebody help me?

The site url is on the workflow bellow:

The div that i want to explore is this one:

In the response, it cames “closed”/empty:

Thanks guys!

Hey @Karen_Natally,

Welcome to the community :tada:

It looks the same issue exists outside of n8n as well if you use other non interactive request tools like CURL. In this case the content is probably injected with javascript but as n8n just gets the html and not the rendered content.

This does mean that currently scraping that site is not possible with n8n and you may need to look at using something like Puppeteer to get the content.

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