Can't get due date working for Google Tasks

I have a flow, which creates Google Tasks events for me, that works fine so far, but I can’t seem to set the due date.

I’ve tried many different date formats, but non that ended up working (aka: task is in Google Tasks, but does not have a due date attached).

Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated

Hi @ConfusedAnt, first of all, welcome to the community!

I’m so sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the due date. When quickly testing this myself, I could reproduce the problem. From taking a (very) quick look into this it seems we are sending a dueDate field whereas the expected field would be due.

I’ll test this later today and will propose a fix if confirmed.

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thank you so much

Turns out it was indeed the wrong field name causing this. Once this is changed to due, setting the date works. I’ve raised a PR with the fix and will let you know once this has been released.

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Got released with [email protected]