Can't see node icon

hi all, I have added a *.png file to my dev node, but it seems npm build is not copying the png to the dist/ folder. Do I also have to add this file to package.json? and if yes - where?
thanks in advance!

are you referencing the icon in the description.icon? Also where are you running the build command you have to be in the root folder.

The build is very dumb. All it does is to copy all png & svg images it finds.

That is the gulpfile.js in the nodes-base folder:
Screenshot from 2021-02-16 17-40-00

So if you run npm run build it does run that and so also copies the icon. Is the icon really in the same folder as the node and did you reference it correctly like in the above example from ricardo? And did you also restart the n8n main process and refresh the browser?

ah. npm run build does more things than npm run watch … that was the error.
strangely now I get no error messages any more but still don’t see the icon. I’ll figure it out though, thanks to both of you!

npm run build copies the PNG/SVG icon at packages/nodes-base/nodes/[nodeDir] and places it in packages/nodes-base/dist/nodes/[nodeDir].

If you have added the node in package.json, referenced the icon inside the node, and built so that the icon is in the dist dir, restarting and refreshing should work.