Can't stop execution with Waiting status


I’m using [email protected] and it seems that I can’t stop waiting executions anymore. It show success message but nothing more.

When downgraded to [email protected] everything works as expected.
It seems that all the version above 210 (new executions view) have the same bug.

Quick tip: If you want to cancel waiting execution you can always delete it :wink:

Hey @Rugia,

Are you using queue mode or is this just a single instance with a wait node?

Hey @Jon,

I’m using single instance and the workflow is simple one

Hey @Rugia,

Perfect I have managed to reproduce it and have added it to our internal tracker, We will be tracking this one as N8N-6153 thanks for reporting it and providing a small workflow that shows the issue in action :raised_hands:

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New version [email protected] got released which includes the GitHub PR 5811.

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