Capture Facebook Leads (forms)

Hi Community,
I’d like to get Facebook Leads (form based) using n8n. The goal is when the user fill out the form (basically name, email and phone number), n8n get date filled to send to my Mautic.

I know the n8n don’t have native node ready to do that, but does any made it using any API or something like that? Could you guys share it?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @Marcell_Borges,

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Did you check out the Facebook Trigger node? I don’t have much experience with Facebook, but if that node doesn’t help, then maybe you can use the Webhook node!

Hey @harshil1712
I already checked Facebook trigger, but there is no option to get the leads.
Regarding the webhook, I don’t know about the facebook api to make it possible.

I’m guessing this feature request might solve your problem. If so, don’t forget to upvote it: