Catch header of 403 response / Wise

Dear all,

to execute the Wise API call according to the instruction Wise Platform API Documentation I must execute API call, get 403 ERROR and CATCH one of HEADERS of 403 error.

What is the best way to do it in n8n?

Best, Dimitri

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Hey @Dimitri_Korenev

Can you please double-check your API Credentials?

I don’t use but 403 Seems like Unauthorized Access.

Hey @Dimitri_Korenev,

That is an interesting approach they use with the 403 status to return a token to sign and pass back.

I am not actually sure how possible it would be with the http request node, it may be that the best option would be to use a function node to make the first request to parse the header of the 403 response then pass it on to the http request node.

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