Catching DB error

Hi !
I want to catch the DB error. Actually if DB give error(when an error is returned from the database) i want to send mail. How can i do this?

Hi @Cansu_Altunbas, you could build an error workflow to catch any errors in your other n8n workflows. Check out this blog post for an example: Creating error workflows in n8n – n8n Blog

Hi, quick query. Been reading about the error workflow and I have noticed is predominantly for sending a message about an error. What if I wanted a scenario where in case an error occurs, I post the transaction to a database like airtable so that I can rectify it? I want to build a self healing platform that will automatically try to fix its own errors without my intervention.

Hi @Keep_Innovations, if you want to handle errors right in your workflow you can enable the Continue On Fail option on your node:

Then follow up with another node checking for errors and implement the error handling logic you have in mind.

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