Change Workflows/Credentials ID to UUID

We are working with the (great) system of yours, and storing the workflows and credentials in MySQL.
Currently, workflows and credentials are identified by auto-increment id. This caused us problem when few people are creating/updating workflows on their local environments and trying to migrate them to other environment.
A proposed solution can be to use UUID for the workflow/credential ID.
It will be great if this could be done.

Welcome to the community @Yonatan_R!

Really great to hear that you enjoy n8n! Sadly do not understand how you work and for what reason the credential and workflow IDs cause problems. Can you please elaborate to understand why you currently have problems. Thanks a lot!

Hi @jan and thanks for the fast reply.
I will try to explain by a simple example:
We are 2 maintainers working on the same project. Let’s say Maintainer1 is creating Workflow1, and Maintainer2 creating Workflow2. In order to sync between us - each of us will dump it’s Workflow.
After every maintainer importing the other ones Workflow the IDs will not be match (For Maintainer1 Workflow1 will have ID=1, and Workflow2 will have ID=2 and for Maintainer2 it will be the opposite).
If we want to update our workflows through some migration script (so we will also be able to insert them to a third environment without manually create them on every environment) - we cannot relay on the ID since it’s different on every environment. Of course if we will have more environments (tes/staging/dev/…) and more maintainers it will be more complex to maintain.
What we are currently doing is each of us start ID count from another number (one from 0, 1 from 10000 and so on) so the ID will remain unique between all environments - but from our experience with other systems, using UUID is the best solution for that.
Thanks in advance,