Changing credentals of multiple nodes at once

The idea is:

Set the credentials just once for each tool we are using within the workflow.

My use case:

For example, I’m working on a workflow that has many Gmail, OpenAI and MYSQL nodes and I need to set the credentials for each one manually. I would like to set a global credential for each tool so that it will change all the nodes for this specific tool when I change it.

Hi @Leonardo_Ruza, welcome to the community! I like this idea, unfortunately I am all out of votes myself :see_no_evil:

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Love to see this. Or atleast some easy way to switch.
A work around for now is to have a subflow that actually does the sql stuff and then call that everywhere. It isnt really a nice solution, but it should work.

This was a frequent pain of mine as well so I built this small workaround.

If this can give ideas for a proper solution! (1)