ChatGPT reads java string as text

I have been playing with the updated ChatGPT node and everything works well up until I try to insert information into the prompt with a java string.

The prompt is set to “expression” and everything displays correctly in the prompt box, but the ChatGPT returns: “Sorry, as an AI language model, I am not programmed to generate a response to this query as I would require additional context or information about the content or source of the $json["words"] before I can proceed. Please provide more details.”
So it reads the string as text.

I am running n8n via docker.

Do you know what I might be doing wrong?

Best regards,

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Hey @Rafix,

This has been fixed in the PR below and will be included in the next release.

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Thank you for letting me know.

Awesome that this has been fixed. Any rough estimate on when the next release will go out?

Hey @lhyphendixon,

We do new releases weekly so it would be anytime between now and Friday evening. I can’t be more specific as I have not seen a message internally yet about last calls for what needs to go in.

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for now just use a HTTP node, this is what i use, as i already had it in play before the node was created, and it give you total control over the API queries.

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That’s great. Thanks! Just needed to know whether it was a couple day or a couple week sort of situation. Appreciate the response.

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Sweet, In that case… A couple of days :smiley:

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has this fix been released yet?

@btrnbll It was fixed with the release 0.219.0. Seems to be working now.