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i shared it above

So this is code 2 I believe (converting .oga to .mp3):
ffmpeg -i {{ $node[“Telegram”] }} {{ $node[“Telegram”]‘.oga’,‘.mp3’) }}

What is code 1 and code?
How to upload the file and download the file (and later delete it)?

I got n8n on a docker

Also currently have ffmpeg installed on my server but when trying to run ffmpeg -i through the command node it doesn’t recognize it

the first one simply uploads the file via ssh the last one downloads it.

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using bash - How to upload a file from the command line with FTP or SSH? - Super User

scp command?

scp {{ $(‘Telegram_get_file_private’).item.json.result.file_path }} [email protected]:/voice/tmp


ERROR: Command failed: scp voice/file_0.oga [email protected]:/voice/tmp Host key verification failed. scp: Connection closed

thats a SSH error

@RedPacketSec so i fixed that and can successfully upload a file through ssh node.

But what node did you use for the

"ffmpeg -i {{ $json.fileName }} {{ $json.fileName.replace(‘.oga’,‘.mp3’) }} "

I used the command node but it fails


First one is the ssh node the other is the command node. The ssh node only allows upload and download, not running other commands. so i used the ffmpeg

Found the “Execute command” option for command node. Successfully converted it, downloaded it, now how did you pass on the “value” for file in the Whisper node?

  1. Just changed “body content type to form/data” and it worked

Thx @RedPacketSec (your examples here were quite helpful. Appreciate it :))

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All commands are done on the box you are ssh ing to.

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