CiviCRM (Mosaico) email automation like Mailchimp

I need to set up an automation similar to Mailchimp but through Mosaico (inCiviCRM)
I have not attempted this yet and about to copy and paste this link over at the Civi people to see if it is possible to do this and reply here.

We basically need to be able to send off certain mailers based on the actions people take or dont take within Mosaico mailers.

If it is possible, this will allow us to get rid of Mailchimp

Many thanks


If it has an API most of the time you can use it with n8n, Looking at the inCiviCRM website they do have a rest API so you should be able to use that with the HTTP Request node.

Thanks Jon. Mosaico is an extension to CiviCRM. I will check if they too and rest API

Hi, when you say “Within mosaico”, you mean tracking CiviCRM users making a new mail to be sent to a CiviCRM group, or based on user’s interaction with the emails crafted with mosaico and then sent to them ? I’m currently managing some CiviCRM instances, and CiviCRM (CiviMail , tracks links, clicks, openings, and unsubscription and bounce) and CiviCRM exts allows you to makes custom webhook to notify n8n some events.

If the latter, Mosaico is not involved, as it use Civimail for list management, and you should then only check the given checkbox in mosaico to enable CiviCRM links tracking, and then use the Civimail api to what ever you need.

You can also connect to CiviCRM from n8n at a given interval to query stats on all or on a given mailing campaign (depending on how big is your civicrm contact list, or how small is your N8N instance if self-hosted with limited resources available).

Considered asking on CiviCRM forums, with a detailed user case (I want to track a single or multiple campaign, to get that metrics in order to trigger that at a given time, or in real times).