Clickup node runs for each item - is it a bug?

Clickup node returns 20 items (list has 20 tasks)
Spreadsheet node returns 10 items (spreadsheet has 10 lines)

If to put Clickup first, everything is looking good: Clickup returns 20, Spreadsheet returns 10:

But if to put them in reverse order, execution takes way longer and Spreadsheet returns 10, and Clickup returns 200 items.

Looks like a bug?

Hey @yavetal,

The google sheet node only runs once instead of once per input which is something we are aware of and document here: Looping - n8n Documentation

The ClickUp node is working as expected :slightly_smiling_face: if you did want it to only run once there is a node setting to execute only once.

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Thanks! For some reason, i’ve missed that section of documentation :slight_smile:

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