Clickup trigger list filtering?


Describe the issue/error/question

I need Clickup to trigger only when new task is created in particular list.

I’ve added the filter by listId manually, by adding another node “get:task” and grabbing listId there.
Are there an option to add filter by the list right at the trigger node?
I dont really want trigger node to be triggered by any task creation.

Please share the workflow

Hey @yavetal, I am not familiar with ClickUp, but from the sounds of it you could just add an IF node right after your trigger. This would let you check if your trigger data matches a condition you define.

Yep, thats how i worked it out.
Still, i’m not quite happy that trigger, well, triggers on every task being created. I’d prefer to “listen” only to the particular list i need - and now i’m “listening” the whole workspace and then decide if it is the correct list.