Cloud connection lost frequently (today Jul 28)

Slight frustration here. This is happening for me every 5 minutes. Nothing wrong with my general connectivity (I’ve monitored that)

Something wrong with cloud today?

Screenshot 2022-07-28 at 14.23.54

Hi @ericsonmartin, I am very sorry to hear you’re having trouble here.

I had a quick look at the logs for your n8n cloud instance and its seems your workflow executions require more memory than available to the instance. This ultimately leads to a FATAL ERROR: Reached heap limit Allocation failed - JavaScript heap out of memory error and a subsequent instance restart during which time you would see the Connection lost message you have shared.

Now I can’t look at the workflows themselves, but on a very general level, the factors increasing the memory usage for a workflow execution include:

  • Amount of JSON data
  • Size of binary data
  • Number of nodes in a workflow
  • Type of nodes in a workflow (the Function node specifically drives up memory consumption significantly)
  • Whether the workflow is started by a trigger or manually (manual executions increase memory consumption since an additional copy of data is held available for the UI)
  • Number of workflows executed in parallel

To address this problem, there are a number of options, which one is the most suitable would depend on your exact workflows:

  1. Increase the amount of RAM available to an n8n instance (this is mostly applies to self-hosting n8n, on n8n cloud this would require upgrading to a larger plan)
  2. Split the data processed into smaller chunks (e.g. instead of fetching 10,000 rows with each execution, process only 200 rows with each execution)
  3. Split the workflow up into into sub-workflows and ensure each sub-workflow only returns a limited amount of data to its parent workflow
  4. Avoid using the Function node
  5. Avoid executing the workflow manually
  6. Avoid scheduling multiple workflows to execute at the same time

This probably wasn’t the answer you were hoping for, but I hope it provides some guidance to addressing the problem.

Thanks for the quick reply. The json data is a merged set of about 2.22mb. About 6 nodes where one is a function.

I have similar in other flows and not encountered any issues.

Can share the flow with you privately if that helps

Hi @ericsonmartin, does that JSON set by any chance consist of a large number of individual items?

If so, the approach of splitting up the workflow into a parent and a sub-workflow (processing only a subset of the overall items and then returning a small response instead of the entire payload to the parent) might help here. You can check out Workflow stops at random moments with status "Unknown" - #4 by MutedJam for an example of how such a sub-workflow could look like and adjust it to your scenario.

No, it’s paginated from 5 runs. I think that someone from the N8N team helped with merging the data.

This is where the connection is lost.

Am I better off with a Kubernetes self hosted?

Just realising that this one run the 5th page 5 times…

Do you need to process all items coming from your GraphQL node at once (which seems to be what your Function node is doing)? If not, this might be a great entry point for the sub-workflow. Send batches of 100 items each to your sub-workflow and handle the processing in there. Then only return something like {"success": true} or similar to the parent.

Am I better off with a Kubernetes self hosted?

If your workflow is memory-hungry self-hosting could be a suitable alternative, simply because you’ll be able to monitor memory usage first hand and assign as much memory as needed to your n8n instance.

I’d like to avoid self hosted. It’s just a time thief and will cost more than the cloud version.

I’ll try what you suggested

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