CloudSQL for BigQuery

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Como, posso levar os dados do Cloud MySQL para o BigQuery da melhor forma possível e apos isso como crio uma regra para backup incremental ?


Hi @PatrickHermann, welcome to the community!

I am not sure I fully understand your question (as I am not a Portuguese speaker), are you looking to keep a MySQL and a BigQuery database in sync? This is a rather complex topic (especially if changes can occur on both sides) and I don’t think a pre-built workflow exists for this (at least I am not aware of one). A basic approach to a two-way sync is described here in our blog: How to synchronize data between two systems – n8n Blog

This would require a very large amount of memory though as n8n would keep all data in memory during the workflow execution.

Hey, good morning!

Let me explain what I’m trying to create here.
Basically it would take the data from Cloud MySQL and take it to BigQuery
What I’m not getting is knowing which nodes will be needed for that.

Another important point is, after taking the data to BigQuery, I would like to store only the new data (incremental)

I even managed to take the data to BigQuery but in a simple way just using the credentials I created.