Column Name to Item

Hey i need to transform the column name to own items.

here is a json
can some show me how that works?
Thank you!

"MHM Design Matthias Heidrich-Wolf": 1,
"MICON UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Bildung & Beratung": 2,
"Möbel Karmann GmbH & Co.KG Möbelhandel": 1,
"Schüller Möbelwerk": 1,
"Schüller Möbelwerk KG": 1,
"Unternehmensgruppe Groth GmbH": 1,
"Wohnorama Möbel Kuch GmbH Gaimershei": 1

Hey @Benedikt_Bohm,

I am not sure I understand what you mean, What are you trying to display?


i want that the columns are in their own lines, that i can process every column as a own item.

So you would get a column named “Key” And a column named “Value” for example?

yes correct!

Want that every Json line in counts returns as one item.

What you would need to do is something like this:

For some reason I cannot login to my test environment at the moment. So Cannot create you a sample.

Thank you, but it doesnt work…

ERROR: The json-property has to be an object! [Line 109]
NodeOperationError: The json-property has to be an object!

Thank you verry much!!

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