Column SharedWorkflow.userId does not exist - with details

Hi there,
I’m experiencing the following problem. I have a very simple automation. Webhook → Mailgun
When I use{my-path}?message=This+is+my+message everything works

But when I try to do it production:{my-path}?message=This+is+my+message it does not work and I get the error:
“column SharedWorkflow.userId does not exist” in the execution. I don’t know what’s wrong or what to do. Everything is updated and deployed. Can you please help?

  • n8n version: 1.47.3
  • Database (default: SQLite): Postgres
  • n8n EXECUTIONS_PROCESS setting (default: own, main): main
  • Running n8n via (Docker, npm, n8n cloud, desktop app): cloud / template
  • Operating system: Railway setup

Hey @juanmart1981,

Where are you seeing the error message? That error looks like there could be something wrong with your database, Is it a new install and do you have multiple users?