Combine Workflows into Groups

The idea is:

Combine multiple workflows related to one process into groups, that will allow to work with them in more convenient way.

My use case:

e.g. I have 7 workflows for one playbook:

  1. Looks for the alerts from the SIEM
  2. Determine the account owner for each alert
  3. Create IRP case for each alert with owner details
  4. Run different searches/queries to get additional evidences
  5. Populate the case with evidences
  6. Send email to the account owner/infosec team for further investigation
  7. Checks for any replied for the email chain

Currently I use notes to create some kind of workflow chain in each workflow (and that really helps to debug anything in the process)

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

It will simplify the workflows’ structure and the ability to find all workflows related to one process.
Ideally, it we can see the workflows group during the workflow editing (like on the screen below on the ribbon)

Pretty sure this existing feature request would satisfy your reqs Arranging workflows in folders

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