Community category n8n community nodes

The idea is:

Which might be an idea for the developers of the community nodes who would also like to help:
A category n8n community nodes in the forum where each developer can open a thread for each of his nodes. This way, users can also get in touch directly without github.

My use case:

I and other developers can start a thread to briefly introduce the node. If the users have questions they can ask directly in the forum in this thread.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

A lot of things get lost here or end up running only on GitHub. It would also be great to have a place where users can report or create a GitHub account.

Are you willing to work on this?

Sure I would then like to have once the admin permission please :stuck_out_tongue: (is not meant seriously)

Good idea!
Also maybe including a voting option so you can sort most voted and find the most useful nodes more easily.


You have to think about it a lot because of the votes. They have advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I don’t know if I would approve.
The problem here would be the buttons that only a few users could use and they therefore only get 2-3 votes. But of course that does not mean that they are not useful. Not that it has a negative impact on the development of the node. But maybe I think there also only too overcautiously.

@lublak Yes you make a good point.

Some categories would be good though, so for example nodes for API’s or Helper nodes.
As for example If I need to use an API I check the nodes and then the community nodes to see if it exists.
But Helper nodes are always good to know what exists out there, you are of course not gonna search the helper nodes everytime you work on a workflow. :slight_smile:

So I have no problems with it when there are 2 categories :P.
But I think that would make it not exactly clearer. “Api community nodes” and “general community nodes”.
I personally would have no problems if my nodes are only voted by 2-3 people. I need them personally. I’m only happy if I can help others with it, even if it’s only one person. Basically you can see how popular nodes are by the number of comments or by the downloads via npm. So votes would actually not give anything that could be negative. It is only about trying.
Here is also the question of how many votes you have for the category. Infinite? Then you can at least vote for everything you like.

It’s not about the amount of people that use it, but more that people can actually easily find them.

Voting was one way of doing that, but has some drawbacks like you said. So categories would be good.
They wouldnt need to be seperate on the community. Simply by adding the tags to seperate the 2 different types of node for example would be clear enough.