Community Hangout, Thursday, March 7: Introduction to AI & Community Demos (Recording Available)

In our second hangout of 2024, we’re focusing on all things AI! n8n team member @oleg will give a high-level overview of different use cases, and the elements and tools of AI, and how to use them in n8n.

Next, we’ll have two contributions by the community: @oskar and @Derek_Cheung will give demos of workflows that involve AI in new and interesting ways.

Product Manager @Niklas_Hatje will also give us an update on the n8n Creator Hub.

We’ll wrap up with a round of questions and answers.

:tv: Watch the hangout here:

Oleg’s workflows:

The receipts logging one depends on Claude 3 model support, which is coming soon. For now, here’s his web search workflow; both templates will be released as soon as the new version is out.


Really looking forward to this one!


The event will be recorded again and uploaded to YouTube? Unfortunately I don’t have time on that date :slightly_frowning_face:


Definitely, we’ll share it here afterwards.


Hello @bartv

Was it recorded?

Can you share with us?

Yes, we’ll share it early next week!

I just added the recording, enjoy!

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Please release Claude 3! It’s the best model out there for many workflows :pray:

Good news! Claude3 support is now available in 1.33 (except for Haiku, which will be added asap).

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