🚨 Community Hangout today at 5PM (Berlin)! - Win a Nodebook! 🚨

We had to change the program for today’s hangout, so in addition to the regular community and product updates, we’re introducing the Worfklow Showcase! Show off your best workflows in 3 mins and win an exclusive n8n nodebook! :trophy:

Register during the event to join the fun!! :point_right: https://lu.ma/n8n-may-24

See you there :slight_smile:

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Its so cool that you guys have a meetup for the community! Wish I could join!

If I’m ever in Berlin I’ll try to swing by to one of your events :slight_smile:

Hi @bean

It is online.
The timezone is berlin’s I agree it isnt too clear.
@bartv maybe good to clarify.

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