Community help to core

Hi guys, I am watching the repo of n8n, and reviewing every PR, but I want to help more into the N8N, how I can do this?
Do we have some tracking of issues?
Do we have some rules for contributing, github?

Thanks guys

If you’re interested in building nodes you can take a look at n8n: Contributor Board · GitHub

And make sure to setup your dev environment with the brand new n8n utils

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Hey @edumaciel10,

Reviews are done internally by the n8n team so sadly there is not really anything you could add to that side of things, We do have some information on contributing here: n8n/ at master · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub

We have our internal issue tracking through Linear but if you wanted to see some of the issues they are reported here and on the GitHub issues.

There are multiple ways you can contribute like helping answer questions here, doc updates or fixing anything odd that comes up that you think you can handle.

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