Community node installing puppeteer

Hello, I realized that we can install community node in version 0.187.2
to my excitement, i am trying to install the following npm puppeteer node.

i have managed to install it

however, it seems like the browser part of puppteer is not installed.

may i know if there is any workaround for this?

Hey @Benjamin123,

Our support for community nodes is fairly limited as we don’t create them but that looks like Chrome might be missing, If you follow that troubleshooting link does it give any hints?

@drudge any thoughts?

Hey @Benjamin123,
sadly just installing n8n-nodes-puppeteer as a community package won’t work, because your server/docker image needs specific OS dependencies to be installed (these). You can checkout this forum thread about how to get it running.

If you are using our this will sadly not work fo you, since you cannot install the necessary linux packages.

it seems like i have to build n8n docker to run it.

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Unfortunately yeah, running puppeteer’s headless chrome requires you to build a custom docker image.