Compare using Store Function (Workflow with concurrent executions)

Hello all!

I have the following problem and I need some help.


  1. I have a Workflow that runs according to the trigger of an external webhook. In this way, it can run simultaneously more than once.

  2. In this Workflow, there is an HTTP Request Node that accesses an API where it returns a String value.

  3. This situation above loops every 1 minute, and it will return in the HTTP Request Node and get the value of type String again.

What I need is a way, using function or not, so that I can check if the value returned in the HTTP Request Node, through the loop, is equal to the first value.
If it is equal change its value to something like: “Same Value”

After that I will have an IF Node to check if the value is: “Same Value” or not.

Could any good soul help me?

I had to make a more simplified example of my Workflow to demonstrate what I need. See below.

Hi @mtcoliveira

Can you share the workflow? It would be a lot easier to visualise the issue and help you out.

Is this all one workflow? and if so, when will the loop stop? Can’t really wrap my brain around it. Hope a workflow would help me visualise it. :slight_smile:

Hi @BramKnuever

I had to make a more simplified example of my Workflow to try to demonstrate what I need. I edited the initial post. Thx.

Anyone can help in this?

HI @mtcoliveira

Not completely sure what the usecase is, but do you want to do something like this:


Hey @BramKnuever

Worked perfectly. So simple solution and I complicate it.

Thank you very much!

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