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Hey! I’m trying to compare some data from items extracted from a CRM entity and only output one value.
To explain with the general scenario and idea is to get tasks related to a project in a CRM and check the last updated done on this tasks. I’m currently getting the datetime values from those tasks but i’m struggling to compare the values from different items inside the workflow or grouping those values in an array to compare, and i’m not sure if it is possible. I could do a request to check on the project the value there and do a if node to compare, but would be nice to compare inside the workflow and skip some extra requests as this will run once everyday to every project. Is this possible somehow?

Information on your n8n setup

  • n8n version: 0.225.2
  • **Running n8n via :**Docker

Hey @Gabriel_Zara,

It sounds like it might be possible but without seeing the data and the workflow it is hard to say. I would probably load all the data then use an if node to compare the dates this will automatically run for each item that comes out of the CRM.

You could then look at breaking the workflow up into smaller workflows to save on memory while it is running but the quickest approach is to build the workflow in a way that works even if it is ugly then tweak it over time.

Hey @Jon !

Yea, doing in the main workflow wasnt an option because there is no easy way to get the last datetime from the tasks. So I actually divided the workflow in two, the main part extracts the last datetime and then it sends to another workflow to do the if node compare. The problem that I runned into now is: for some reason the send to another workflow node isn’t working.

I tried sending it using webhook, but for some reason it only works when I click manually on execute, when I start running it i got a “rejected” message

I find something about using localhost:5678, didnt work as well. Any idea of what could be causing those errors? Thanks in advance

Hey @Gabriel_Zara,

Looking at that first one I am not sure if it is unhappy with the 45 ID or if the workflow it is running is expecting an ID that isn’t being set :thinking: I take it the workflow you are calling does have an id of 45 and isn’t using something like a webhook trigger?

With the Webhook error rejected seems to suggest the server is refusing it, I would have expected localhost to work though assuming n8n is still using that port locally. Can you share a bit more on your n8n configuration and maybe the workflows so I can take more of a look?

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