Conflicting data in Set node. Showing data but outputting null

Hi there, I have a set node where I calculate the weeknumber of a date coming from an email.


As you can see it calculates the weeknumber just fine:

But for some reason it outputs null:

Running 0.204.0 with docker-compose on Digitalocean droplet with a mariadb setup

Any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:



Hello @Jelle_de_Rijke !

I tried to reproduce the best I could, and it’s working as expected on my side:

Here is the workflow I used:

Maybe I could help with more information.

What is the input of your node Set Email Date1 ?

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Thank you for your reply, @eldala07!

The source node is IMAP, so it is the date of an email. I have now moved the set node for the week number further down my workflow, so later in the chain. And for whatever reason now it does populate well.

So I no longer consider this an issue. Because with a work around, it works!

Thanks again :laughing: and happy n8n-ing!

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